What is TrueUSD?

What is TrueUSD?

TrueUSD is an ERC20 token, based on Ethereum technology and with a legally protected, dollar-protected paired 1 to 1 quote verified by confirmations on the Ethereum Blockchain. The peculiarity of TrueUSD is that it uses multiple escrow accounts to reduce the risk.
TrueUSD is the first Token created on the TrustToken platform.

What are the advantages of TrueUSD?

Because it is a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that is priced against the dollar, it can be used to hedge against market volatility. Another big advantage is its transaction cost, much cheaper than traditional methods.

Is TrueUSD safe?

TrueUSD combines the security of cryptocurrencies that can be stored in your wallet with the greatest stability of a stablecoin. Also, TrueUSD is not dependent on Exchanges and the issuing platform is not responsible for the custody of the values. They stay directly with partner banks, financial institutions and are regularly audited to ensure that the number of outstanding TUSDs is faithful to the dollars in custody with financial institutions.

Why is it worth investing in TrueUSD?

Buying and having TrueUSD offers some advantages. The first of these is protection against volatility in the cryptocurrency market, as each TUSD equals $ 1. Also, TrueUSD is crypto, so you can store it in your wallet.

How does TrueUSD work?

New TrueUSD units are issued only by sending funds to partner financial institutions of the issuing platform. Once the transaction is made, the equivalent TrueUSD value is generated and sent to the Ethereum address entered for receipt.
From now on, transactions and operations are the same as any Ethereum-based tokens, with all the safety and efficiency of the Blockchain. For Exchanges operations, TrueUSD is a dollar-linked crypto.

How to store TrueUSD?

Being an Ethereum-based cryptoactive, you can safely store them in a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. You can use Metamask for desktop and TrustWallet for Android and IOS.

How to buy and sell TrueUSD?

Buying TrueUSD is very simple, it's as easy as buying any other cryptocurrency at USA EXCHANGE.

Now you already know what is necessary about TrueUSD. Let’s get started?