What is CPTL?

What is CPTL Coin?

CPTL is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency. With CPTL we have a faster currency, safe and with it the money is really yours.

CPTL is safe?

Cryptocurrency is protected by technology Blockchain, which the entire CPTL network relies. As a book-register, it includes all confirmed transactions and each network participant has its own private key to have access to transactions data. It allows CPTL wallets to calculate their spendable balance so that new transactions can be verified thereby ensuring they’re actually owned by the spender.

Where to buy CPTL?

You can buy CPTL at USA EXCHANGE. It is very easy and everything is done in a few clicks. Take a look and buy CPTL with no complication.

Be your own bank

CPTL is one of the fastest cryptocoins. To create a wallet of CPTL it’s easy and have no costs. Just as there are several ways to interact with your bank, you can also interact in various ways with your CPTL wallet, via the smartphone app, desktop/notebook program and even paper wallets. Let's create your own bank? Clicking here you will see some CPTL wallets available!

Who is accepting CPTL?

Hundreds of on-line and off-line stores already accept CPTL, here you will find a worthy part of this list. As CPTL has fast blocks and minimum rates, it is a perfect currency for trading. CPTL enables fast, secure and almost negligible rate purchases. You can send money from Brazil to China in minutes without a manager, without paperwork and a button press. To accept Bitcoin in your establishment, simply create a wallet, as explained in the step above.

Discover more about the platform

Capital Coin uses Ethereum, a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications, associated to Blockchain. You have access from anywhere and also can write code that controls digital value, that runs exactly as programmed.
This platform allows to create and execute “smart contracts” in a transparent and fast way, also with low prices.

Now you already know what is necessary about CPTL. Let’s get started?