You don’t know what is BITCOIN?

We have made a tutorial if you want to learn more about the technology of Bitcoin. We will explain what is, how to use and how to sell or buy it. Besides, that we will teach you how to keep your Bitcoin safe.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital and decentralized coin, that doesn’t need thirds to work out. That means you don’t depend on banks, big corporations or governments to move your money. Bitcoin is really your money.
Bitcoin was the first cryptocoin of the world and in eight years work out without interruption. It is based on a decentralized and extremely safe net, called Blockchain, created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has several properties and ways to use, but we will highlight one: Bitcoin as a coin. What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin? There are so many! The main ones are: freedom to pay, low fees, safety, privacy, controll and transparency.
There’s no Bitcoin that can be confiscated, you can send it to who you want to and with low fees for that. Besides, it is safe and assures more privacy, controll and transparency to negotiate.
However, Bitcoin can be used as investment by who wants to diversify its heritage and have more earnings. Bitcoin brought excellent returns and the tendency is to become more popular in the long run.

How to buy and sell Bitcoins?

There are three ways to obtain Bitcoins through an efficient way: mining, buy on Exchanges or buy directly to other people.
It is possible to get Bitcoin through mining. You will need to buy and specific computer and cede its computational power to the network, confirming transactions. For that, you will be rewarded with Bitcoins for each mining block. Currently it is not feasible to mine in Brazil, because the cost of electricity is very high.
You can earn Bitcoins through USA EXCHANGE. The Exchanges are website that reunite buyers and sellers in a safety place, where trade happens in a anonymously and quickly way.
You can also buy Bitcoin directly to others, there is no need to make through an Exchange. There’s the difficulty of finding some reliable Exchange, because scams in this type of transaction are common.

Is Bitcoin safe?

It’s common to have doubts about it safety: “it’s safe to have Bitcoin?”. The answer is simple and was given on the video above by experts. Bitcoin is safer is safer than the money you have in your bank today.
The level of safety offered by Bitcoin is a lot higher that bank instituitions. There is no failures on Bitcoin. For some malicious actor to succeed in attacking the network it would be necessary to hack millions of computers around the world, it is an impossible task. While in traditional banking systems there are only a few central servers and all transactions are hidden from the public.

Is still worthy to invest in Bitcoins?

The best investment for you is the one that attends your profile of investor. That’s why, to analyze if Bitcoin is a good option to be included in your investments, think if you fit the type of investor who is fearless. Analyze your personality and also your financial goals, so you can decide if you want to invest in assets that may show high profitability due to their volatility.
Another important hint is to count on specialized professionals and reliable companies in the market to support you the best way.

Be your own bank

Laís just sent a Bitcoin transaction to Japan and she did that without opening a bank account and in just a few minutes.
With Bitcoin you are your own bank, download a Bitcoin wallet is like having a bank branch available in your hands 24 hours a day. No fees, no boring manager and your are able to instantly transfer your transaction.
Creating a Bitcoin wallet is easy and costs nothing. There are several ways to interact with your bank, just as with your Bitcoin wallet: via your smartphone app, program on your desktop/notebook and even paper wallets.
Let’s create your own bank? See below the best wallets to install on your mobile phone and computer.

Who created Bitcoin?

On October 31th, 2008, the height of the subprime crisis, a programmer using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin White Paper, a paper describing how the system would work. Since then, Bitcoin has been adopted by millions of people worldwide. Are you curious? Find out more about who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Choose your Bitcoin wallet

If you are going to buy Bitcoin, you will need a wallet to keep it, trade and access your digital coins. The safest way to do that is through a Bitcoin wallet. Take a look at the best and efficients options.
Electrum (Windows, Linux and OS X)
Breadwallet (iOS and Android)

Now that you know what is needed about Bitcoin, let's get started?